Top 7 Headsets For Your Call Center Agents

There is a wide range of headsets that can perfectly suits the demands of the call center industry. In this article I will give my top picks for a call center headset that can perform very well. Some of the headsets I will be mentioning are headsets that I have personally used or at one point used for a while. I was once a call center agent bouncing through many companies over the years. If you are planning to start a call center or in charge of choosing the headsets for the company, this article may do you some good.

Plantronics Blackwire C320

  • The Plantronics Blackwire C320 is a headset that I used while working for an online retailer. Since I had to deal with pissed off customers calling in to complain about some discrepancies on their orders, I had to make sure that I was at the top of my game and listen to what the customer has to say. The C320 is a USB type of headset perfect for using on softphone applications which a lot call centers use today. It has a control unit that is easily reachable perfect for times when you need to put the microphone on mute when you really have something to say that you don’t want the customer to hear. If you are or was a call center agent, you know what I mean. The sound quality the C320 has to offer is quite excellent and I will personally vouch for that. It can clear up whatever the customer has to say allowing users to hear and understand the customer clearly. The microphone is equipped with noise cancelling technology that can eliminate any unwanted noise. Understanding what the customer has to say and make the customer understand what you are trying to say has become easier with the Plantronics Blackwire C320.


Other Features:

– Comfortable to Wear

– Flexible Boom and Headband

– Works perfectly on all computers

Jabra PRO 920

  • The Jabra PRO 920 is a wireless headset that provides great sound quality with advanced wireless security features. The reason why this is an ideal choice for a call center is due to its advanced noise cancellation features and sound insulation that allows the user to have a better hearing experience. The sound being transmitted through digital signals which increases the sound quality and provides surround sound features.


Other Features

– Conference Calling Enabled (Connect up to 4 headsets)
– Smart Power Saving Technology
– Multiple Wearing Styles

Jabra LINK 265

  • This is another headset that I have personally used in the past and I consider this to be a really handy device to use. The Jabra LINK 265 features good sound quality and hearing protection such as AcousticShock protects user’s ears from sudden noise spikes. It is great especially in the training department of call centers as the Y-jack has a quick disconnect port that can support the main headset and a training headset.


Other Features

– Built for Durable use
– Long Cord for better mobility

Plantronics 202580-01

  • This is a USB connectable headset that feels like a small remote due to its convenient control unit that has complete control over the headset. The control unit can also clip to the users pocket or belt so the cord doesn’t flop around while walking.


Other Features
– Good Sound Quality
– Compact and Lightweight

Jabra Pro 930

  • Provides users long range wireless freedom for increased mobility. The wireless platform uses DECT technology that doesn’t get affected easily by other signals and doesn’t interfere with other signals as well making it network friendly. The sound quality and noise cancellation of the PRO 930 is of top-notch calibre.


Other Features
– 12 hour battery life
– Comes in both Dual and Mono Variants
– Can connect on PC and DECT Phones

Plantronics Audio 478

  • It is a popular choice among users since it is very affordable and has been said to rival other more expensive variants. It is foldable which makes it very easy to carry. The sound quality if this device uses Digital Signal Processing in order to produce a much better sound quality.


Other Features

– An answer and end call button specifically designed for Skype
– Comfortable wear even on extended hours of use

Jabra BIZ 2400 II

  • It has been the top choice of many call centers around the globe and with good reason. The BIZ 2400 provides excellent sound quality that is said to be unrivaled and unsurpassed. It has many variants and multiple add-accessories that users can fit in to maximize its potential. It has a noise cancelling feature that totally blocks out all types of unwanted background noise. The durability of its boom is just as good as its performance as it can be rotated a full 360-degree. It has also been purchased by non contact center entities such as music enthusiasts and ordinary office employees due to its digital sound quality that is perfectly suited both communication and music purposes. The cord of the BIZ 2400 is virtually unbreakable since it has been reinforced by several strength enhancing compounds.


Other Features

– PeakStop™ noise cancellation
– FreeSpin™ allows a full 360-degree boom rotation
– DST Technology
– Multi-Platform Capable
– Optional Accessories available for maximized use
– Kevlar reinforced cords


These are the headsets that have been noted to be the best headset choices available in the market. As I have mentioned earlier, some of the headsets mentioned above are headsets that I have personally tested. Depending on the nature of a user’s purpose, the vast market of headsets is available and surely one of it can suit the needs of certain individuals. Call center headsets should be chosen depending on a model’s features as what the headset is capable of bringing to the table is very important because the headset itself is the most powerful weapon agents have in their arsenal.


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